Sleep? What’s that?!


exhaustedIt’s been a long 10 years of sleepless nights. When Joey was a baby, for the most part, he slept through the night. As he got older though, his sleep patterns changed. He started waking up in the middle of the night and ending up in our bed.

The hubby and I have tried locking him out of our room, which sometimes works after he bangs on our door or turns on the lights (which unfortunately sometimes wakes up the Leah & Aiden), we’ve tried putting him back in his bed (which means one of us needs to wake up enough to move him), we’ve tried weighted blankets, we’ve tried leaving the lights on. I could go on and on with things that we’ve tried.

Heck, I even took him for a sleep study a few years ago, which did show a very MILD case of sleep apnea. Part of me is starting to wonder if I should take him back for a second sleep study to see if anything has changed. There’s always that thought or fear in the back of a special needs mom’s mind, “is there something causing this behavior/habit with my child?”

And to make it worse, in his sleep, he has to either have a leg draped over mine constantly be directly laying up against me. Even in his sleep, his sensory issues come into play. When he’s in bed with us, I sleep in 15 minute intervals. It’s getting exhausting, truly exhausting…

And with that being said, today has been a lovely first day back to blogging, starting to get my new page set up, after several years being away. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Raising Joey but it’s past my bed time, good night everyone!

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