Shame on you 50-Cent!


angry-face-clip-artI was totally appalled to hear about 50 Cent’s online rant he posted about a developmentally disabled gentleman named Andrew who works at Cincinnati International Airport. Andrew has Asperger’s, a hearing deficiency, and social anxiety and this was his first month on the job and his very first job.

50-Cent videoed Andrew walking through the terminal pushing his cleaning cart, not making eye contact with him, and 50 accusing him of being “high on the job” and having dilated eyes and using very harsh language towards him. I’m not going to post the video directly on my blog, but if you wish to watch it, you can see it here on Fox 19, a Cincinnati new station’s website.

Being an Ohio girl and having flown from Cincinnati many times, I’m proud of the airport for hiring Andrew and giving him a chance. And also kudos to all the Cincinnati businesses and restaurants now boycotting 50 Cent’s new vodka line. I hope businesses everywhere will follow in the footsteps of Cincinnati, boycotting 50 Cent and supporting Andrew.

Shame on you 50-Cent, I’m sure your momma is so proud of you….

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