My Daith story



So a little about my own personal health… I’ve suffered from migraines for years. I’ve been to the emergency room more times than I can count due to dehydration and severe pain from them. I’ve tried multiple different prescription medications, over the counter medications, hormone patches, massage therapists, chiropractors, natural remedies, pretty much anything. I’ve had CT scans, MRI’s the works. The only thing I hadn’t tried was Botox.

I averaged 3-6 migraines a month (if not more), including one whopper migraine the day my menstrual cycle ended every month, which was always the worst one. I’ve lost so many days of my life to being stuck in bed due to migraines. Had to call off work many days which means precious money lost. Lost precious time with my children and husband.   Time I can never get back…

Last year, I started seeing on Facebook posts about the Daith ear piercing and how people have been having success from it. You see, it’s a known acupuncture spot that helps to relieve migraines. I thought to myself, “nope, with my luck, it wouldn’t work!”

Then I kept seeing more and more about the piercing, I even found a Facebook group dedicated to Daith piercings and migraine sufferers. One day in January, I looked at the calendar and realized my period was going to be due soon and perhaps I should give the piercing a try. I got the name and number of one of my friend’s piercer at a local tattoo parlor and called. He actually was the one who answered the phone so I decided right then and there to go get it done. I jumped in my car and went straight there.

Pain wise, it wasn’t too bad, I’ve had multiple ear piercings including my Tragus and three cartilages, so I was prepared for a world of pain but honestly, for me, it wasn’t bad at all. I was able to sleep on that side of my head the first night.

As for the healing, it’s been a journey. Cleaning it with saline solution and occasionally with Peroxide. When it got infected, I took my piercer’s advice and crushed an aspirin and mixed it with a drop of water and made a paste and covered my ear in it. I would sleep with the aspirin over my piercing then soak it off with warm water in the morning. Thankfully it healed.

Since January 29th, I’ve had two severe migraines and a few dull headaches. I still get the occasional light sensitivity, dizziness and nausea that was always associated with my hormonal migraines but nothing compared to before. Although there is no medical evidence that the Daith is a known cure and hasn’t worked for everyone, the Daith piercing has been a life saver for me!

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