Sensory seeker, part 1


Joey has always been a sensory seeking kiddo, whether it’s stimming with a piece of cloth, chewing on a shirt, playing on his iPad, or playing with a rainmaker or water timer toy, all of these things have been lifesavers (well minus chewing on his shirts but that’s a whole other blog post).

At times, it can be difficult to watch Joey not want to play with “age appropriate” toys a lot of the time, but as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters! Occasionally he will play with matchbox cars and those are for ANY age, lol!

There’s times that Joey gets “in the zone” with his toys and it’s so fascinating watching him. I often wonder what he’s thinking as he is playing with his toys, I would love to be able to see what he’s thinking, even just for 2 minutes…. But I wanted to share some of the toys we’ve found that calm Joey down the most.

Many of these toys can thankfully be found on Amazon (LOVE Amazon Prime! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial if you don’t have it!) so when Joey cracks one or looses it, we just order one and we always try to have a few backups as well! We don’t leave home without one, hahahaha!


Single Wheel Drop Liquid Motion Desk Toy- Colors Assorted




Colored Timer – Liquid Spiral Tube Timer (x1)
Hohner Kids MP400 – 16″ Plastic Rainmaker

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