I’m Bored Jar


After scanning Pinterest for more ideas, I found a totally awesome idea over at Mum in the Mad House and making an I’m bored jar for the summer! I can’t count how many times when the kids are home from school that I hear the words, “I’m bored!?” What an awesome idea to help keep the kids busy, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

I just printed out the PDF she had available and Leah helped me to decorate the jar and cut out the little slips of paper. Then we decided to write out a few of our family’s favorite activates as well and add them in.

I found an extra canning jar in our basement to use rather than buying one and had some extra cute labels to use for the outside. If you don’t have an extra jar, here’s a super cute one I found on Amazon!

Leah pulled the first slip out of the jar last night and it happened to be “go get Chinese food” so she called her Daddy and thankfully I didn’t have to cook dinner! And this morning, Aiden pulled out “make pancakes” of all things! We’re so excited to put our “I’m Bored” jar to use this summer, along with the scavenger hunt sheets I told you guys about yesterday!

Again, have I ever mentioned that Pinterest rocks?! LOL!!

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