B is for Bubble


One of Joey’s absolute favorite things to do is to play with bubbles! Although he cannot blow bubbles through a wand yet, he LOVES himself a good bubble maker! If someone who’s working with him at school or a doctors office needs a good positive reinforcement to use with him, out comes the bubbles!

We’ve gone through several bubble makers over the years and for his birthday he received this simple Paw Patrol Bubble Maker and it’s lasted longer than the more expensive ones! He’s been known to break them the first day we give them to him!


Yesterday, we sat outside for over 1 hour while Joey sat and watched his beloved bubbles fly. The pure joy on his face makes it all worth it! I try to keep several bottles of bubbles on standby for the days we go through a lot or when a bottle of bubbles gets accidentally spilled (which I know has happened to all of you fellow parents at one time or another, lol!).

And as I’m sitting here typing, guess what Jojoe just brought me? A thing of bubbles and signed “please,” so it looks like I’m going to cut this post short and go blow bubbles with my best buddy!


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