Hew View From Home



Today’s a big day! Today is the first time ever being featured on a different blog besides my own. Many of my family and friends remember my past days blogging on my original Raising Joey blog and the following I had back then.

I wanted to write a new version of my pregnancy story with Joey to share with new readers and decided it was important to have it shared with as many people as possible. You never know if someday, someone who reads my story who is in the same prenatal shoes as I was, my story may help to save that pregnancy and that beautiful baby’s life.

Last week, I had looked at several different popular, larger mom blog websites and chose Her View From Home to share my story with first. And wouldn’t you know, after I submitted my story, less than 24 hours later, I received an email back from their editor wanting to use my story! And today it was published and I couldn’t be more proud! I just hope I can write more for the lovely ladies at HVFH sometime soon, the more awareness we raise for Down syndrome and other developmental and intellectual disabilities, the better!

Our Journey With Down Syndrome: We Would Never End This Pregnancy


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