In June I saw a charming group of roses


Looking back at my own childhood, I would have to say that my absolute favorite book was probably Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak.

One of my earliest memories is of my mom singing/reading the book to me. She actually used to use the book she had as a child in the  1960’s. It’s one of my fondest memories looking back at my mom sitting on the side of my bed singing it to me before bed.

Years later, when I was pregnant with Joey, I went to the book store and bought my own copy of the book. My mom still had her paperback copy from when she was a child but I wanted my own hardback copy as well, I knew a hardback would withstand the use of my children. I also had a hard time remembering the exact harmony and rhythm of the song my mom sang so after a little Google research, I discovered Carol King actually sang the song as well and that was were my mom learned it from! And crazy enough, I actually found a copy of the LP record album available for sale on Amazon and a YouTube video of the song which I posted below.

In the book King describes each month with rhymes and various funny activities the boy in the book did. Heck, I probably owe this book (and my mom) a lot of credit for learning the months before I entered kindergarten, hahaha! What makes it the best is the fact that I carried on a simple family tradition of singing/reading this book to my children just like my mom did with me as a child. I know Maurice Sendak is known more for Where the Wild Things Are but this book will always be my favorite.


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