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Elephant and Piggie Image

Illustrated by: Mo Willems


Children’s author Mo Willems has been entertaining children’s minds since 2004 with his hilarious books and amazing illustrations that are great not only for children but their parents too!

Growing up in the 1980’s, I was raised in a Dr. Seuss family and LOVED the humor in his books. My children have inherited my love of Dr. Seuss but also helped me to gain an additional love in Mo Willem’s books.

I’ll never forget when Leah brought home her first Elephant and Piggie book from her school’s library. It was love at first sight for our family and Mo Willem’s humor. And The Pigeon, don’t even get me started on that silly guy, we love him too!!! For Leah’s 6th birthday, we had to have an Elephant and Piggie birthday party (I even made a cake featuring the duo!)!

Elephant and Piggie’s friendship and adventures in their books always bring a smile to my face, especially since our youngest son, Aiden started being able to read them by himself and listening to him read. His renditions and the humor in his voice while he is reading them out loud makes them even better!

I’m not sure who was more upset (the kids or myself) upon discovering that our beloved Elephant and Piggie series has ended with the 25th and final book The Thank You Book (An Elephant and Piggie Book). In this final book, Piggie thanks everyone he can think of that they knew during their adventures in all 25 of their books. Okay I admit, I actually got a little misty eyed when we finished reading The Thank You Book for the first time (I’m a sap…), a mix of sadness and disappointment that there will not be any new E&P books in the series.

But THANKFULLY for Elephant and Piggie fans, Mo is going to be starting a new Elephant and Piggie series called “Elephant and Piggie Like Reading” due out in October! AND I just discovered that two of the books in the new series are available for pre-order on Amazon! Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! We Are Growing! and Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The Cookie Fiasco. I can’t wait to see what’s new adventures we’re going to see for Elephant and Piggie!

*source: Washington Post, Good Night, Elephant & Piggie: A Q&W With Mo Willems
*This post may contain affiliate links

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