First Day of School 2016-2017


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. There will be a post on Her View From Home coming up on Sunday about where we’ve been all summer until then, I thought I would share Joey, Leah, and Aiden’s 1st day of school pictures. I know by now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of first day pics on your friends Facebook pages, but being the proud mom I am, I had to share ours as well.

It’s hard to believe we have two 4th graders and a 2nd grader! It’s so bittersweet knowing that my children are growing up. I want them to stay kids and enjoy their childhoods as long as possible. Seeing the joy on their faces gives me a feeling that I can’t feel through anything else.


Joey wasn’t feeling the excitement that Leah and Aiden were feeling waiting for the bus. He was less than enthused until he got on his bus and it pulled away. I was able to get a peak at him through the bus window and there was a huge smile on his face.

As for Leah and Aiden, it was just another day in the park. They were ready to go back and see their friends.

And as for me, schools back in session people! Mommy is able to go back and work at the office while the kids are at school and the house halfway stays clean lol!


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