Where did the past 5 months go?!

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So sorry about the lack of posting, honestly, life got the best of me and I wasn’t taking too much care of myself. As a special needs mom, well ANY mom, one thing that should not be forgotten is one’s health.

I ignored some pretty nasty health problems, as a result became pretty sick and lost over 30 pounds due to a Gallbladder full of sludge. I finally bit the bullet and had some testing done.

Thankfully I haven’t had my Gallbladder removed (yet) but if it gets as bad as it was, I will. For now, I’m eating MUCH healthier. I’ve cut out almost ALL junk food and soda. As long as I don’t eat fatty foods, I symptoms stay at bay and I’m okay.

The kids are all doing good. Joey’s sleep training was a success! He will now stay in his bed most nights until 5:30am, some mornings even later! He no longer comes into bed with us in the middle of the night so that’s a plus!


Joey at an Aquarium recently, he LOVES fish!

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