Finally! April had her baby!

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I’ll tell you what, if us human moms think we have it hard during labor, we have nothing on giraffes! I thought I had it bad during my labor with Joey being in active labor for 15 hours then pushing for 3! Nope…


Property of Animal Adventure Park

Giraffes are the ultimate bad-ass moms (along with elephants, they’ve got it a lot tougher than humans too with a 1 1/2 year pregnancy!)! I mean, who else would handle being pregnant for 15 months, could be in labor and walk around with two legs hanging out like that, then push an over 100 pound, 6 foot baby out? Then have it fall another 6 feet down which during the fall, which then rips the amniotic sac and placenta off?! And doing all of that while standing up! Not us humans, that’s for sure!


One word for you April… RESPECT!!


But now that April has had her baby, many of us are now wondering, what are we going to focus on? For thousands of people, if not millions, we spent countless hours watching April, wondering and waiting when she was going to have her baby. Some people even started conspiracy theories if she was even truly pregnant or not! There’s been times we’ve thought that she was in labor for sure!

My kids and I have been watching for April for the past month! I’m so grateful that April chose to have her baby on a Saturday and my kids were home to watch it happen with me.

Before April the Giraffe, it was the bald eagles nest. I wonder what beautiful baby animal we will all get to share and see come into this world next…


*Giraffe facts found here, 10 Things You Don’t Know About Giraffe Pregnancy, Labor, And Newborns

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