Buried Treasure Comes in Odd Forms, The Long Lost Helmet

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As I’m deep cleaning our basement, I’m realizing the amount of junk one family can acquire over the years…

But in all the junk, I’m finding some amazing treasures! Some of these treasure finds I’m keeping, some I’m selling, and some donating or just throwing away. I’ve even gone as far as ordering a dumpster for next week so I can really clean house!

In all the things I’ve found, one really stood out as a true oddity but memorable treasure: the mold from Joey’s head and the helmet that he wore for 18 long weeks as a baby to correct Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly! I mean, who else can find a mold of their own child’s head along with his old helmet laying around in their basement?! This mom can!

Joey had to wear the helmet for 23 hours a day. The only time it came off was when it was time do his bath and for us to wipe down the inside of it with rubbing alcohol. I had to drive him once a week 40 minutes each way to have a helmet adjusted. By the end of the 18 weeks, I could do that drive with my eyes closed!

But those 18 long weeks were so worth the wait in the end when he went from having a completely lopsided head to a perfectly round head. Just look at these before and after pictures!

Looking back at these pictures and remembering all those long, stressful days with Joey and the helmet 10 years ago. I realize now how grateful I am that we took the time and had his head corrected. I can’t imagine Joey now being 11 years old and have a lopsided head!

As I continue my project of deep cleaning our basement, I wonder what other hidden treasures and memories I may come across…


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