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Sidewalk Chalk Fun!



A while back I spotted this POOF 60 piece jumbo sidewalk chalk set and for $9.50 and if you have Amazon Prime (If you don’t have Prime, you can order it here), you’ll get free 2 day shipping! It’s totally an awesome buy and worth every single penny! And for that price, I ordered it for the kids (and myself). One of our favorite summer time outdoor activities is drawing on our driveway with chalk. And it’s something I can get Joey to do, even just for a few minutes.



Today, we decided to take our fun a step further and make some chalk scenes to take pictures with! And we had a blast! Thankfully when we went out, the driveway wasn’t too hot from the sun yet, definitely a first thing in the morning activity for the summer since our driveway gets so hot!

One of the great things about this set, is that the chalk comes wrapped it sets of  6 rather than all together. This way, they don’t get all the chalk out at once and get ruined right away, lol! And there’s multiple colors and they’re all so bright and pretty!

The kids had a blast and we can’t wait to make new drawings to pose with soon!

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Free Printables Galore!


I’m a sucker for free printables for the kids to do. Many of them I either put in sheet protectors or even laminate so they can be used again. I’ve made an entire multiplication and cursive binders for the kids to practice with using dry erase markers.  I found a few great sites that I thought I would share…

A few years ago, I bought the Scotch Thermal Laminator and it was one of the BEST investments I ever made being a mom. Not only can I make the kids fun worksheets to use over and over again, I can preserve their artwork, I can save newspaper articles, recipes and more! As for refills, I always order the AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches – 8.9-Inch x 11.4-Inch, Pack of 100. I’ve shopped around and they are the cheapest by far and work the same as the name brand ones.

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