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What a Wondrous Book!

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As soon as I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie Wonder, I knew I needed to order the book by R.J. Palacio for myself! And since the age range of the book is 8 and up, I knew Leah be able to read it as well. Being the sibling of such an extraordinary brother, I knew this would be a book she would enjoy as well.

It was yet another book I couldn’t put down! I finished reading Wonder in 3 days, not too hard seeing that it’s geared for children 8 and over.

I felt like I was right in the middle of Auggie’s life! Not only reading from his point of view but also from his loved ones as well. Especially his parents. Being the parent of special needs child, there were parts I could totally relate to. Even though August doesn’t have a developmental/ cognitive delay, he still gets the looks, stares and rude comments from people who don’t know Auggie and his family.

I highly recommend Wonder to any adult or child who can read at a 5th grade reading level. Now that I’m done reading it, I’ve passed it onto Leah who is just like her mommy and can’t put the book down either!

Sadly, we have to wait till November for the movie to come out in the theaters, until then, I have time to read the other small handful of books featuring Auggie and his family & friends! I’ve included the movie trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet. Just think, Owen Wilson AND Julia Roberts, it doesn’t get much better than that!

What an amazing read! The Lucky Few 

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Whenever a new book published a fellow Down syndrome parent is released, I try to buy it. You should see my bookcase, I have my own little DS library! When I read online about The Lucky Few, I knew I just had to add it to my collection!

Adoption is such an amazing thing, it gives a pregnant mom a chance to give their unborn baby a better chance at life. It gives a parentless child a family. It gives adults the amazing opportunity to become parents. Adoption is beautiful!

As soon as the mailman delivered my copy of The Lucky Few, I opened my package instantly and plopped myself down on the couch to start reading it!

I admire the author, Heather Aviz’s courage to share her faith and openness to God during her and her husband’s adoption journey of their three beautiful children in her book!

In my first day reading it, I made it over halfway through the book! It’s one of those books you literally can’t put down! It was like I was with Heather and her husband, Josh during their journey. Especially when their daughter went for her open heart surgery. It felt like I was walking the hospital hallways with them!

Heather’s candid emotions are something as a Down syndrome mom I can totally relate to! Even though Joey has never had open heart surgery, he’s had two major bowel operations in which he spent several hours in the operating room and I spent nervously waiting for updates on my baby during this hours. They can truly be the longest hours of a parent’s life…

I could feel the love radiating from the book as I read it, not only from Heather’s point of view but you could also feel the love that Heather’s husband, Josh not only has for their three beautiful children, but also the love and support he has for Heather as well. What an amazing family!

It only took me a grand total of two days to read The Lucky Few, I just couldn’t put the book down once I started reading! I don’t want to give any details away for folks who haven’t read it yet but it is a must read and a great addition to your bookshelf! You can order it through Amazon or if you’re at Target, you can buy it there as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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