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Our trip to the Pez Visitor Center


For our latest family outing, due to the sweltering 95 degree heat today, we wanted to stay indoors so we decided to head south to Orange, Connecticut to visit the Pez Visitor Center.

Don’t worry about getting lost, because as soon as you’re to Edison Road aka Pez Boulevard you’ll know thanks to the street sign! You can’t miss it! It’s less than 2 miles off of I-95!


Then once we pulled up to the building, we were welcomed by three massive packs of Pez candies on the front of the building. Right away, the kids got excited!

For my fellow special needs families, there’s plenty of handicap parking and there’s ramps right in front of the building, no stairs to worry about entering into the building. There’s also a nice elevator inside the building to get to the second floor.

While Daddy bought our tickets (they’re reasonably priced: Children under 3 FREE, Children 3-12 $4.00, Regular admission $5.00, Seniors (60+) $4.00, Group (10 or more) $4.00) the kids waited on super cute Pez benches in the lobby, then we entered into the main show room/museum.

The main area was quite crowded at times, so I suggest if you have a child that doesn’t deal well with crowds, I suggest going on a weekday instead of a weekend.


One of the fun activities they have is a scavenger hunt for all of Snow White’s 7 Dwarfs. Once you find all 7 of the dwarfs and figure out the hidden message, you get a free Pez Dispenser at the end of your visit! This kept Aiden busy the entire time, he takes his scavenger hunts very seriously!

Although the visitor center isn’t huge, there’s so much to see in the small area. After all, Pez Dispensers aren’t that big! There’s thousands of dispensers so don’t expect to see each and every one! They have the very first ones made back in 1948 clear through present day! It was so neat seeing the Pez dispensers from when I was growing up in the 1980’s-1990’s! I remembered many of them!

Once we finished looking at all the nostalgia, we started picking out the dispensers we wanted to buy. Aiden picked out a Scooby Doo collector pack with all 5 of Scooby’s crew as dispensers. Leah picked out 2 Emoji dispensers and she filled a small bucket of Pez candies. Joey of course picked out a Finding Nemo dispenser, and I got a Captain Jack Sparrow dispenser! After all, who doesn’t want Johnny Depp feeding you candy, lol!! The single dispenser packs are $1.99, the fill a bucket of candy is $5.99 and most of the collector packs are $10.99.

One of the great things about this place is that with every ticket purchased, you get a $2 credit towards items to purchase that day! So this is a trip that won’t break your piggy bank! So if you haven’t been to the Pez Visitor Center yet, it’s definitely worth the trip!

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Our visit to the Peabody Museum


A few times a year we venture down to New Haven for a trip to Yale’s Peabody Natural History Museum and since the Joey starts summer school and Leah & Aiden are off to camp next week, I decided yesterday was the perfect day to go! And since I discovered that one of my best friends had never been there before, we brought her along for the ride!

Joey really wasn’t in much of a photogenic mood but I still managed to snap some photos of the fun we all had.

As we were walking up to the  building, Aiden decided to try to walk in the dinosaur’s footsteps…

“Mom! It’s T-Rex!”


The Famous Hall of Dinosaurs!


Joey admiring the Velociraptor model

Aiden and Leah’s best Dodo bird impression

“Mommy, look at me, I’m a mummy just like this one!”

For those of you not from Connecticut who are wondering where/what the Peabody Museum is, it’s down on the shore in New Haven. It’s part of Yale University and houses many of their best artifacts. It’s one of the oldest natural history museums in the world! One claim to fame is the character Mr. Burns from the Simpsons went to Yale and a reference about the Peabody Museum is made in an episode!


source: The Simpsons, edisode “Burns, Baby Burns”

This year is the 150 year anniversary of the museum. The Peabody is three stories tall, there’s a small elevator for those of you with strollers or wheelchairs. On the second floor, there’s a discovery room for smaller children although due to it being a smaller room, no strollers are allowed in that room. Unfortunately, there’s no cafeteria or eating area so feed your kiddos before you go or, the wonderful thing about New Haven is, there’s so many amazing places to eat! I have to suggest, if you’re family likes pizza, try out Pepe’s Pizza and for dessert Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop both on Wooster Street!

If you’re in Connecticut or planning on visiting Connecticut, it’s totally worth the trip! There are so many amazing things to see, every time we go, I see something new and exciting!  It’s one of those museums you can visit over and over again and it will never get old.