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Swimming, Splashing, Sensory & Smiles, Part 2


I wanted to do an update regarding Joey and conquering his sensory issues/fear of swimming pools since my last pool post Swimming, Splashing, Sensory & Smiles. Joey is surprising me each time we go to the community pool (which is 3 or more days a week). Today he walked a little further out in the water by himself and also didn’t flip out when I tried to get him to float on his back.

Words cannot even begin to express how proud I am of him, just for such a simple feat, but for him a huge one.

The first round of swimming lessons finished up last week and the new session started up on Monday. We went ahead and signed all three kids up. All three started out in beginners, but Leah tested out of that class the very first day.

Joey is still watching his typical peers learning how to swim (except now he sits next to Aiden), watching their every moment, except now when they slide into the water and hold onto the wall, he does as well. I’m so proud of all three of my kids and all they’ve done so far this summer!

This is how Joey conquered his fear, by first taking piggyback rides on my back with me walking across the pool in deeper water.


My 3 loves


Jojoe taking a splash break in the kiddie pool

First trip of the season to the park!


With warmer weather, comes one of our favorite things to do, go to the park!

As my best friend and I sat on a bench and watched the kids play, we noticed a little girl with Down syndrome, probably 2-3 years old playing with either a sibling or cousin, along with a few other adults. They were Asian and didn’t appear to speak much English. Watching the little girl brought back so many memories of Joey when he was that age. Her little waddle as she walked, the way she squatted down to the ground without using her hands (I know other DS parents know the squat I’m talking about), and the way she clapped her hands together… It all reminded me of Joey as a toddler.

I’m just super grateful for the nice days we can go out and enjoy the weather once again! I look forward to even more trips to the park where the kids and play and just be kids.

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning…They have to play with what they know to be true in order to find out more, and then they can use what they learn in new forms of play.” ~ Fred Rogers