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Aiden’s biggest fan


Sadly last night was Aiden’s final Little League game for the season. Leah, Joey, my husband and myself have gone to almost every single game. And Joey has been one of Aiden’s biggest fans! He enjoyed watching his brother up to bat and running around the bases.

We’re all so proud of Aiden. While playing his first year of Little League, he’s gained confidence and a new love for baseball. It’s been so amazing watching him practice and develop his skills playing. Heck at last night’s game, he bunted a ball at bat AND stole second base! You should have been Joey jumping up and down squeeling with excitement as Aiden ran from first to second while he was stealing the base!

Now, we must wait till next Spring for next season to start!

Visit to Dr. Seuss memorial gardens


One of the places that’s been on my bucket list since I moved to New England 11 years ago was to go to the Dr. Seuss memorial garden in Springfield, MA. We finally had a reason to go to Springfield (another post soon), so while there I decided to make a pit stop.

Although it was a little smaller than I imagined, so not really worth the trip by itself but if you plan on going to the Springfield Musuems, then totally step outside and see the gardens as well!

Dr. Seuss has always been my number one favorite author of children’s books and this outdoor exhibit’s sculptures were so lifelike and life size that it made them so much better than I expected!

Leah said it best, “it’s just like the Mo Willems book, ‘We Are in a Book!'” And Joey, his face was of pure joy! He knew exactly what/who the sculptures were! I have to say, kneeling down to get a picture with the Lorax, I almost felt like he was going to come to life! I’m not sure who had a better time that day, me or the kids!


Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Dr. Seuss